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Box Culverts

box culvert

Precast concrete box culverts are one of the most versatile and cost effective precast concrete products on the market today. They have superior strength and durability, and they allow for accelerated construction schedules while providing limited traffic disturbance.

Monarch Products manufactures a variety of types and sizes of precast concrete box culvert, providing the most economical solution to meet the customer’s and designer’s needs.

Common Uses

  • Bridge Replacements
  • Stream Underpasses
  • Storm Drainage
  • Watertight Holding Tanks
  • Underground Detention Systems
  • Service Tunnels
  • Pedestrian Underpasses
  • Utility Trenches

Options and Services

  • 4′ to 20′ Spans, 3′ to 10′ Heights
  • H-20, HS-25, ML-80, PHL-90, or E80 Loading
  • Engineering & Design Services
  • Four-Sided Box Culvert
  • Three-Sided Box Culverts
  • Trench Culverts
  • Fish Baffles
  • End Sections, Wing Walls, and Skewed Ends
  • Onsite Crew to Install and Post-tension Culverts

Please contact us to discuss your precast box culvert needs. We are here for you from the design phase through completed installation.

Box Culverts Contacts:
Mark Wagman

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