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From Dallastown to Your Town

As the Mixer Turns

Monarch Products was started in 1944 by Edward Wagman, Sr. in Dallastown, PA. Our primary product at that time was a 500 gallon septic tank that was made in five pieces and grouted together on the jobsite.

By 1964, it became clear that a new facility was needed. Although the primary product was still septic tanks, the increased size of the tanks required a much larger shop. A new plant was built in Dallastown which remained in operation until 2008.

Over the next twenty years, Monarch began to manufacture many new products, including manholes, inlets, burial vaults, and basement steps. Between 1977 and 1980, Ed’s two sons, John and Ed Jr., joined the company after their graduation from college.

John and Ed soon realized that their increased product line required them to once again build a larger production plant. In 1986, a new facility was opened in Newberrytown and the offices were relocated there in 1991. By 1985 Ed Sr. had retired, although for many years after he could often be found at the Dallastown plant checking up on their production.

In 2004, increasing demand led Monarch to build a third production plant in Strinestown.

Currently, the family tradition continues as three of Ed Jr.’s children, Christa, Tim, and Mark, have joined the company. In 2017, Tim and Mark received the prestigious Master Precaster award from the National Precast Concrete Association. The Wagman family is dedicated to continuing to produce high-quality precast concrete products for years to come.

Monarch products is founded in Dallastown, Pa
New facility built in Dallastown, Pa
John & Ed Jr. both have joined the company
New facility built in Newberrytown, Pa
Main offices relocated to Newberrytown, Pa
New production facility built in Strinestown, Pa
Christa, Tim and Mark have joined the Company
Tim and Mark Wagman achieve the Master Precaster certification
Future expansion planned for Newberrytown, Pa
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